Mario Bizzini, Head of Physiotherapy SCC, at the 1st World Congress of Sport Physiotherapy in Berne on “Return to Play” # RTP2015

On 20th and 21st November 2015, the first World Congress of Sport Physiotherapy on the subject of “Return to Play” (RTP) took place in Bern. More than 800 participants from 45 countries heard presentations from 23 international renowned speakers. The event was organised by the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association, the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy and the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Mario Bizzini, PhD, Head of Physiotherapy at the Swiss Concussion Center, was Head of the Scientific Committee, and therefore responsible for the programme. Karim Khan (editor BJSM), Clare Ardern (Aspetar Sports Medicine Research) and Mario Bizzini were the initiators of the so-called “RTP consensus meeting”, the day after the congress in Berne. The aim of this meeting was to publish a scientific publication in this important area.