People @ Swiss Concussion Center: Mario Bizzini, Head of Physiotherapy

In a loose series of short video interviews, we present the people who work at the Swiss Concussion Center and contribute daily to enable athlete athletes a safe “return to sport” after concussion.

Interview in text form:

What is your job at the Swiss Concussion Center?

I am responsible for the physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and training departments at the Swiss Concussion Center and coordinate a team of specialised physiotherapists and sports physiotherapists who look after our athletes. In doing so, we design customised programmes from the gymnastics room to the sports field.

What are your goals at the Swiss Concussion Center?

Our goal is to provide a safe “return to sport” so that our athletes can return to their sports in the best possible condition. It is a daily challenge to design the individual support, as every athlete is different, both regarding sport and the individual problems regarding concussion.

What is your motivation to contribute to the Swiss Concussion Center?

Apart from the fact that I like to work with international athletes, the Swiss Concussion Center offers a unique opportunity to work in this important area. The topic of concussion is becoming increasingly important and taken seriously, and I am very motivated to build up a Swiss competence Center with an interdisciplinary team.