People @ Swiss Concussion Center: Karin Mani, Research Assistant

In a loose series of short video interviews, we present the people who work at the Swiss Concussion Center and contribute daily to enable athlete athletes a safe “return to play” after concussion.

Interview Transcript:

What is your job at the Swiss Concussion Center?

I work at the Swiss Concussion Center in the field of research. I am mainly concerned with scientific questions around dizziness and balance problems. Furthermore, I am responsible for diagnostics in the field of postural control. That is, the athletes come to me and do various computer-based tests, and I can then use these results to make a detailed diagnosis and use this diagnosis in conjunction with their own physiotherapy team to create an individual, personalised rehabilitation for the athletes. This is all based on research results.

What are your goals at the Swiss Concussion Center?

With my research results, I would like to contribute to a more detailed diagnosis after a traumatic head injury. This also means for an athlete that they can start a specific rehabilitation therapy faster.

What is your motivation to contribute to the Swiss Concussion Center?

The people who come to the Swiss Concussion Center are my motivation. One must imagine: the athletes lose their hobby, their job, and their social environment all at the same time. They come to therapy and work incredibly hard. If I can speed up the rehabilitation process with my work, then this is enough motivation.

The Swiss Concussion Center at the 25th International Conference of Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology in London

The 25th International Conference of Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology, which took place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London from April 9 to 11, 2016, focused on “Return to Play” this year. Over 2,000 physicians and physiotherapists from 89 countries took part. The Swiss Concussion Center was also represented and introduced by Prof. Jiří Dvořák, Chief Medical Officer of FIFA and member of the Swiss Concussion Center, during a presentation. Click here to go to the message.

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The Swiss Concussion Center in the program “10 vor10” from Swiss Television SRF

In its episode on 1st April 2016, the well-known informative programme “10vor10” from the Swiss Television SRF reported on the work of the Swiss Concussion Center in connection with concussions in Swiss ice hockey. The focus was on the therapy using the Equitest and the rotating chair. Deny Bärtschi (SCL Tigers) and Félicien Du Bois (HC Davos) gave “10vor10” information on their treatments at the Swiss Concussion Center.