People @ Swiss Concussion Center: Cornelia Meier, physiotherapist

In a loose series of short video interviews, we present the people who work at the Swiss Concussion Center and contribute daily to enable athlete athletes a safe “return to sport” after concussions.

What is your job at the Swiss Concussion Center?

I am physiotherapist and specialized in vestibular and visual systems. My task is to decipher the symptoms with which the athletes come to us. With the help of additional clinical and high technology diagnostics and in an interdisciplinary team, we can then initiate a specific rehabilitation program.

What are your goals at the Swiss Concussion Center?

Various problems may arise from concussions, which may be independent but may also be linked to one another. The goal is to bring the athletes back into their everyday life and then back into their sport with a targeted therapy adapted to them and their problems, step by step.

What is your motivation to contribute to the Swiss Concussion Center?

As part of my work as a therapist, the Swiss Concussion Center offers me the opportunity to bring my specialist knowledge in vestibulo-oculomotor rehabilitation to a motivated, interdisciplinary team. Above all, the highly specific requirements for the vestibular and visual system of an athlete in his own sport are a big challenge, which I place above all else.