The SCC at the 5th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sports in Berlin

From 27th-29th October 2016, the 5th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport took place in Berlin. The conference, which has been held every four years since 2001, is supported by the International Sports Federations, including the International Olympic Committee, and was organized in 2016 by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The aim of the conference was to summarise current evidence-based facts as a basis for the development of a consensus concerning “Concussion in Sport”, a document to be used by physicians and other medical staff in dealing with injured athletes, independent of performance level.

In the run-up to the conference, 12 systematic “review papers” were drafted by the members of the scientific committee, including Dr. Nina Feddermann and Prof. Jiri Dvorak; nearly 60,000 publications were analysed and 750 of them were integrated into the process.

“Diagnosis is the key” was the main conclusion of the conference. The diagnosis should be based on the results of clinical neurological and neuropsychological examination, supplemented by examinations of the balance system, eye movements, and the cervical spine. This interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis is the basis for the treatment and return to routine training and competition (“return to play”) and also for children to return to school.

Representatives of the Swiss Concussion Center (alphabetically): Dr. Mario Bizzini, Dr. Christopher Bockisch PD, Prof. Jiri Dvorak (co-founder of the Concussion in Sports Group, member of the Organization and Scientific Committee), Dr. Nina Feddermann (member of the Scientific Committee), Prof. Astrid Junge, Dr. Yann Le Clec`h, Karin Mani, Cornelia Meier, Dr. Alexander Tarnutzer, and Dr. Yulia Valko.

The results of the 12 review papers will be published in May 2017 together with the consensus statement in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. 


The SCC team in Berlin



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