Swiss Concussion Center at the Zurich BrainFair for the first time

Since 2002, the University Hospital, the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) have been presenting the latest research results and developments in the field of neurosciences to the public every year at the week-long BrainFair. Laboratories and clinics also open the doors in addition to lectures, exhibitions and discussion forums. This year, the Schulthess Clinic participated for the first time as a cooperation partner of the Swiss Concussion Center (SCC) in this unique event, which attracts up to 4,000 people. Although the SCC was founded less than two years ago, with the focus on diagnostics, treatment and research in sports-associated brain concussion, it was already represented at the BrainFair with two contributions.

Under the key question, “Is concussion harmless?” Dr Nina Feddermann-Demont gave information on the latest diagnostics and adequate treatment methods after concussion in sports in her lecture. The subsequent exchange between doctors, researchers and visitors not only demonstrated the great interest in the topic, but also that further studies are essential for the clarification of certain questions, such as the long-term effects of concussion on brain functions and structures.

On Saturday, the SCC was open to the public and some areas of diagnostics and therapy were demonstrated at the premises. The visitors could see for themselves how well their vestibular organ, oculomotor system and balance were functioning. The therapy methods, which are otherwise available exclusively to our athletes, could also be tried out as part of an SCC tour. Visitors were shown the process from the accident, followed by diagnosis and the therapy, to the step-wise return-to-sport by means of specific patient examples. Visitors were informed about the latest research results with poster presentations.

The Schulthess Clinic and the SCC are pleased to present the new focus on patient care and research at this prestigious event via the invitation, the great interest of the public and a great deal of positive feedback from the participants.