Recommendations for diagnosis and therapy of concussion in sports

The Swiss Neurological Society (Schweizerische Neurologische Gesellschaft) has published recommendations for the diagnosis and therapy of sport-related concussions, written by Dr. Nina Feddermann-Demont, and PD Dr. Antonella Palla and leading neurologists of Switzerland.


The diagnosis and treatment of sport-related concussion has changed substantially in recent years. Nevertheless, the affected athletes are often insufficiently diagnosed and not treated – or receive only the recommendation of physical rest. This article provides an overview of diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations for neurologists. The recommendations are based on the latest scientific findings on head injuries, concussions in sports and mild traumatic brain injury. International and national guidelines of the British National Institute for Health and Care, the American Academy of Neurology, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the Concussion in Sport Group and sports associations served as base for the Swiss recommendations.


Feddermann-Demont N, Palla A, Ettlin T, Johannes S, Tettenborn T, Taranutzer AA, Wiest D, Sandor PS, Jung HH, Müller A, Straumann D. Diagnostik und Behandlungsindikation bei Gehirnerschütterung im Sport. Swiss Med Forum. 2020;20(00): Epub adead of print; doi:10.4414/smf.2020.08563.


The publication can be downloaded free of charge from the following link.


Recommendations for initial examination, differential diagnosis, and management of concussion and other head injuries in high-level football

Under the leadership of Dr Nina Feddermann-Demont, an international group of experts has published recommendations for the medical procedure after head injuries in football in the renowned Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports (Impact factor: 3.631). The publication is aimed at team physicians in high-level football, but also provides important information for the medical team in amateur football and other sports.
The systematic procedure includes seven stages from the initial on-pitch examination to the graduated Return-to-Football programme, and is illustrated by an overview flowchart. Details of the assessments and the consequences of different outcomes are described for each stage in the text, and important information is summarised in tables. Criteria for emergency management (red flags), removal from play (orange flags), and referral to specialists for further diagnosis and treatment (persistent orange flags) are provided. Finally, the general guidelines for returning to sport after a concussion are specified for football.
The publication is available for free download at Wiley.