• The prognosis for concussion is usually good.

    We will support you during return to sports.

  • The Swiss Concussion Center places special emphasis on a multidisciplinary diagnostic

    with the focus on the needs of the players.

  • Our research is guided by clinical relevance

    and follows the highest scientific standards.

  • Our baseline examinations and training courses are the foundation

    for an optimal and therapeutic management.

In collaboration of the Schulthess Clinic with physicians of the Department of Neurology University Hospital Zurich, the Swiss Concussion Center provides the optimum combination of specialists and experience in elite sports that is required for successful management after a concussion. The Swiss Concussion Center is part of the Schulthess foundation.

Sportsmen and women

The risk of a head injury is associated with many types of sport, irrespective of whether this is at the amateur or professional level. Based on your symptoms, we will conduct a tailored analysis of your condition and will advise you on a timely and safe return to routine training and competitive sports. Therapeutic measures that are devised on an individual basis and adapted to requirements will be introduced and implemented at your local club or also in the SCC.

Physicians and physiotherapists

We guarantee immediate assessment of a concussion after timely referrals. We place a high priority on close collaboration with the medical team looking after the affected athlete, to ensure a safe and rapid return to routine training and competitive sports. Athletes at high risk of longer recovery times will be identified at an early stage so that optimum therapeutic measures can be initiated.


We feel responsible for the management of all head injuries, whether after a fall, after a traffic accident, after a leisure or work accident. A rapid clarification and treatment of all forms of head injuries and the associated symptoms is our priority.

Please contact us by telephone on +41 (0)44 385 72 00
or by email for general questions or patient referrals.

Evidence-based medical diagnostics and treatment

Our assessment and treatments are based on the current state of the art and thus ensure optimum care is provided for athletes.

Broad range of specialists - quality assurance

Our team is made up of specialists with different expertise who guarantee high-quality diagnosis and therapy, irrespective of the primary symptoms. Quality assurance forms an integral part of the process.

Advanced technologies for examinations and therapies

We use newest advanced technology devices for examination and measurements to locate and quantify functional and structural abnormalities as precisely as is possible.

Tailored to the requirements of elite athletes

Our team has many years of experience in elite sports. We will put together an individual treatment concept for you and guarantee efficiency and discretion.

The most important questions at a glance

What are the core characteristics of concussion?


When should I go to the closest hospital?


When can I take part in competition again?


  • Simon Bodenmann, striker, ZSC Lions

    “The care and support provided by the entire SCC team is unique and crucial for concussion. With the help of modern and individually tailored training programmes, I made progress straight away, and before long I was able to take part in championship activities safely and confidently once again.”

  • Cuno Wetzel, team physician, BSC Young Boys

    “Thanks to the baseline examinations provided by the Swiss Concussion Center, our situation at the start of the season is such that we can rapidly and reliably react to any potential concussion that occur over the course of the season.”

  • Alain Nef, defender FC Zurich

    “The examinations were very professional, and I received optimum treatment. It was important to me that these tests were carried out on me at the time. The data that were collected were very helpful to me after my concussion. This meant that I could return to the game without worrying and with a clear conscience that everything was 100 percent in order again.”

  • Felicien Du Bois, defender, HC Davos

    “Head injuries always involve some uncertainty. That’s why it is extremely important to me as a professional athlete to be able to count on the highly competent team at the Swiss Concussion Center”

  • Manuel Liniger, former Swiss handball player

    “Without the SCC team, I probably wouldn’t have been able to take part in a match after my accident. So I was able to enjoy the end of my career on the pitch and make a smooth transition into “normal” working life. Thank you so much for that!

  • Philippe Furrer, Defender, HC Fribourg Gottéron

    “On the outside, one can see nothing of a minor concussion. The Concussion Center helped me to explain my condition and to find out exactly where the problem is. With the targeted exercises the complaints could be alleviated. After the successful therapy you feel safe again.”

  • Jörg Gyger, long-time member of the Medical Team Wacker Thun

    “The well-founded vestibular analysis as well as the incremental test provided by the SCC together with photo documentation of the therapy recommendations are very useful for me to work with the athletes in a goal-oriented manner. The straightforward and regular exchange with the SCC allows and enables me to help the athlete to return to training and competition based on above mentioned criteria”

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