The Swiss Concussion Center at the German Congress for Sports Physicians in Frankfurt

Nina Feddermann-Demont, Head of the Swiss Concussion Center, gave a lecture at the 46. Deutschen Sportärztekongress on 11th-12th September 2015 in Frankfurt as part of the series “Sport-related head injuries” on the topic “Diagnostic and therapeutic management with a view to an early and safe return to training and competition sport”. The core statement was […]

Nina Feddermann-Demont gives a lecture at the FIFA Medical Conference

Nina-Feddermann-Demont, Head of the Swiss Concussion Center, gave a lecture on the topic of concussion in football at the Third FIFA Medical Conference held on 27th May 2015 in Zurich. She used five concussions that occurred during the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil as examples. She focused on the mechanisms underlying concussion and the […]

“The prognoses are generally good”: Interview with Nina Feddermann-Demont in “Eastern Switzerland on Sunday”

In a detailed interview with the “Eastern Switzerland on Sunday” on the subject of concussion, Nina Feddermann-Demont takes a position on topics such as headaches, new rules, and long-term consequences. The interview was held after the St. Gallen defender Philippe Montandon had a concussion for the eighth time in the game and then tried to […]

Header Risk Factor: The Swiss Television SRF reports on the Swiss Concussion Project

Following various concussion cases at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Swiss Television SRF visited the Swiss Concussion Project’s basic tests at the BSC Young Boys, the research project that led to the foundation of the Swiss Concussion Center. In case of a head injury during the season, the tests are repeated and compared with […]