Recommendations for initial examination, differential diagnosis, and management of concussion and other head injuries in high-level football

Under the leadership of Dr Nina Feddermann-Demont, an international group of experts has published recommendations for the medical procedure after head injuries in football in the renowned Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports (Impact factor: 3.631). The publication is aimed at team physicians in high-level football, but also provides important information for the medical team in amateur football and other sports.
The systematic procedure includes seven stages from the initial on-pitch examination to the graduated Return-to-Football programme, and is illustrated by an overview flowchart. Details of the assessments and the consequences of different outcomes are described for each stage in the text, and important information is summarised in tables. Criteria for emergency management (red flags), removal from play (orange flags), and referral to specialists for further diagnosis and treatment (persistent orange flags) are provided. Finally, the general guidelines for returning to sport after a concussion are specified for football.
The publication is available for free download at Wiley.

Collaborational project on “Effects of heading” for elite football players launched

In cooperation with the University of Paderborn (Prof Dr. Dr. Claus
Reinsberger), the Medical School Hamburg (Prof Dr. Astrid Junge) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Vertigo and Neurological Visual Disorders of the University and University Hospital Zurich (Prof. Dr. Dominik Straumann), the SCC is participating at a project funded by the German Federal Institute for Sports Science (BISP) entitled “Effects of heading in football on structure and function of the brain”.

On the 29th and 30th August, the first data collection took place at the Hamburger Sport Verein (HSV). Under the lead of Professor Astrid Junge Alessandra Ventura, Urs Scheifele and Dr Andrea Di Giacopo, together with the team of the Medical School Hamburg, conducted neurological and neurocognitive examinations, as well as a balance test and examination of eye movements on the HSV players. In addition, an MRI of the brain will be conducted.

The findings of these examinations serve as baseline values and will be compared with the findings in the same examinations in two years. In the period between baseline and follow-up examinations, the number of headers played during each training session and match will be captured using video recording. Data will be evaluated centrally.

If you have any questions concerning the project, please contact Dr Nina Feddermann (


SCC and MSH Team

SCC and MSH Team

Team and players at work

Team and players at work

JIKEI Group Japan visits the Swiss Concussion Center

On 27 June 2016, a delegation from the Jikei Gakuen School Corporation and Sangyo Gijutsu Gakuen School Corporation (JIKEI Group), Japan, visited the Swiss Concussion Center and the Schulthess Clinic. JIKEI Group comprises more than 70 colleges in Japan (including approximately 35,000 students), including the Tokyo College of Medical Sport, with whom Dr. Mario Bizzini, Head of Physiotherapy at the Swiss Concussion Center, has been cooperating for several years.

Dr. Alfred Müller of the Swiss Concussion Center and Dr. Mario Bizzini guided the guests from Japan through the key areas of the Swiss Concussion Center and the Schulthess Clinic. A training week for physiotherapy students from the JIKEI Group is scheduled for 2017 at the Swiss Concussion Center and the Schulthess Clinic.

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The Swiss Concussion Center visits the University of Calgary

Mario Bizzini, Head of Physiotherapy at the Swiss Concussion Center, visited Dr. Kathryn Schneider at the Sports Injury Prevention Research Centre at the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) in May 2016 as part of a project with the Canada Soccer Association. Dr. Schneider, assistant professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology, has been researching the topic of concussions for several years and is also the author of various publications in this area. Her clinical research is dedicated to manual therapy and vestibular rehabilitation in patients with post-concussion syndromes. The studies demonstrated the effectiveness of these therapies. The Swiss Concussion Center is planning a cooperation with Dr. Kathryn Schneider and her team in Calgary as part of a research project.  


Kathryn Schneider (University of Calgary) and Mario Bizzini (Swiss Concussion Center)




The Swiss Concussion Center at ETH Demo Week

The team of the Swiss Concussion Center led the topic “Diagnostics of Posttraumatic Dizziness” and “Therapy for Posttraumatic Dizziness” from 8th to 11th February 2016 at the ETH Demo Week, which is held annually for students studying health sciences and technology at the Schulthess Clinic. Each afternoon, about 60 students were introduced to the topic. In the field of diagnostics, the focus was on the video-head impact test, in the field of therapy on different balance tests and exercises for training balance and eye movements.



Mario Bizzini, Head of Physiotherapy SCC, at the 1st World Congress of Sport Physiotherapy in Berne on “Return to Play” # RTP2015

On 20th and 21st November 2015, the first World Congress of Sport Physiotherapy on the subject of “Return to Play” (RTP) took place in Bern. More than 800 participants from 45 countries heard presentations from 23 international renowned speakers. The event was organised by the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association, the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy and the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Mario Bizzini, PhD, Head of Physiotherapy at the Swiss Concussion Center, was Head of the Scientific Committee, and therefore responsible for the programme. Karim Khan (editor BJSM), Clare Ardern (Aspetar Sports Medicine Research) and Mario Bizzini were the initiators of the so-called “RTP consensus meeting”, the day after the congress in Berne. The aim of this meeting was to publish a scientific publication in this important area.