Concussion symposia at the “Football Medicine Outcomes” conference

The XXVII „Football Medicine Outcomes Conference“ took place in Barcelona between the 2nd and 4th June. With more than 3’000 participants from 97 countries and 220 speakers, it represents the largest football medicine conference worldwide. As last year, the  conference was hosted by FC Barcelona at legendary Camp Nou.

Dr. Nina Feddermann-Demont, Dr. Mario Bizzini & Prof Jiří Dvořák, were among the invited speakers, with lectures in a symposia dedicated to „On and off field management of concussion“.

Scandinavian Sports Workshop

At the 14th Scandinavian Congress of Medicine and Science in Sports, held in Kopenhagen, Denmark from February 1st to 3rd this year, PD Dr. Alexander Tarnutzer gave a talk about long-term effects of head injuries and repetitive heading in football players. Key elements of his speech were a critical analysis of the previously published studies on this topic regarding their strengths and weaknesses and an in-depth discussion, how long-term effects of head injuries could be examined better and eventually minimized in the future. During his talk, Dr. Tarnutzer was addressing methodologic flaws of existing studies and emphasized, that currently no clear evidence for long-term impairment of brain functions and structure due to repetitive heading in football exists. Repetitive head injuries and resulting concussion, however, may possibly be related to persistent neurocognitive deficits. Furthermore, Dr. Tarnutzer emphasized the need for future prospective high-quality studies over an extended period of time and with an assessment of diverse brain functions / structures including neurocognitive testing, neuroimaging and balance testing

22. Zürcher Schwindel-Symposium. Der gutartige Lagerungsschwindel – Bewährtes und Neues

Am 7. Dezember 2017 findet das 22. Zürcher Schwindel-Symposium rund um den gutartigen Lagerungsschwindel statt. Dabei wird ein neuartiger mobiler und manueller Drehstuhl vorgestellt, der dank der Expertise von Mitarbeitern des SCC und des USZ-Zentrums für Schwindel & neurologische Sehstörungen konstruiert wurde. Dieser Drehstuhl wird demnächst auch den Patienten des SCC zur Verfügung stehen.


The SCC at the 2nd World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy

The „2nd World Congress of Sport Physical Therapy“  took place from 16th to 18th March 2017 in Belfast (Northern Ireland). This conference has been organised by the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association for the first time in 2015, and is now proposed bi-annually (2019 in Vancouver). More than 600 participants followed the „Optimal Loading in Sport“ (theme of the conference) presentations in packed rooms of the iconic Titanic Building.
Dr. Mario Bizzini, head of rehabilitation and training at Swiss Concussion Center, was invited as presenter and gave a lecture on how to integrate injury prevention within the rehabilitation process of athletes.

The SCC at the „The Future of Football Medicine“

The „Football Medicine Strategies Conference“ took place in Barcelona between the 13th and 15th May.

This annual conference has been organized by the Italian Isokinetic Medical Group und FC Barcelona, which hosted the event at the legendary Camp Nou. With more than 2’500 participants from 91 countries, it represents the largest football medicine conference worldwide. A detailed report of the conference is also available on the website of the FC Barcelona.
Prof Jiří Dvořák and Dr. Mario Bizzini, both from the Swiss Concussion Center, were among the invited speakers, with lectures and workshops on concussion in football, sports physiotherapy rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

The SCC at the IOC World Conference

The „5. IOC World Conference – Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport“ took place from 16th to 18th March 2017 in Monaco. Since 2005 this conference has been organised by the International Olympic Committee. This year more than 1’200 participants attended. Prof Jiří Dvořák and Dr Mario Bizzini, both working at the Swiss Concussion Center, were invited as presenters and gave lecture on prevention of injury and concussion in football.


Prof. Jiří Dvořák presents the Swiss Concussion Center at the 5th AFC Medical Conference in Neu-Dehli

Prof. Jiří Dvořák was invited as keynote speaker at the 5th Medical Conference of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in New Delhi, India.  In one of his speeches, he presented the latest developments in the field of „on-field management of concussion in football“, as well as the Swiss Concussion Center briefly.

Prof. Jiří Dvořák was awarded the “AFC President’s Award for Football Medicine” at the conference.

Dr. Mario Bizzini, Head of Physiotherapy, also represented the Swiss Concussion Center. He gave lectures on six different topics, including injury prevention in the elite sport.

The 5th AFC Medical Conference in New Delhi attracted around 600 participants from 67 countries.

Mario Bizzini, Head of Physiotherapy SCC, at the 1st World Congress of Sport Physiotherapy in Berne on “Return to Play” # RTP2015

On 20th and 21st November 2015, the first World Congress of Sport Physiotherapy on the subject of “Return to Play” (RTP) took place in Bern. More than 800 participants from 45 countries heard presentations from 23 international renowned speakers. The event was organised by the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association, the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy and the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Mario Bizzini, PhD, Head of Physiotherapy at the Swiss Concussion Center, was Head of the Scientific Committee, and therefore responsible for the programme. Karim Khan (editor BJSM), Clare Ardern (Aspetar Sports Medicine Research) and Mario Bizzini were the initiators of the so-called “RTP consensus meeting”, the day after the congress in Berne. The aim of this meeting was to publish a scientific publication in this important area.