Patients´ survey

The patients’ survey serves for quality management and also helps to answer specific research questions, for example, if a specific group of patients benefits more from the treatment than others, which treatments are particularly helpful or if there is a relation between subjective complaints and findings in the examinations.

We kindly ask all patients to fill in a questionnaire before and at the end of treatment as well as 3 months later. Thus, we can compare the level of complaints before and after treatment as well as analyse the subjective success of treatment and the degree of satisfaction with the treatment at the  SCC.

The questionnaire at the beginning of treatment includes questions on details of the injury, current complaints and previous head injuries. Ideally, this questionnaire should be at doctor’s hand prior to the initial consultation so that the required examinations can be planed. It might happen, that this initial questionnaire is complemented with further established questionnaires (i.e. headaches, vertigo, depression, anxiety, insomnia).

The questionnaire at the end of treatment at SCC should always  be answered during the last scheduled treatment appointment, despite the patient is asked to continue with SCC recommended exercises at home. The 2-pager questionnaire contains 14 questions, asking the patients’ opinion about different aspects of treatment at the SCC as well as the level of current complaints.

Three months after the end of treatment at the SCC, the patient receives either by mail or email a one-pager questionnaire with 7 questions on complaints during  last 7 days, participation in regular competition/training or work/daily routine and satisfaction with treatment.

For each questionnaire there is a version for elite athletes (participation in national or international competitions) and one for non-elite athletes. All questionnaires are available in 4 languages (German, English, French, Italian).

First results can be found here: