What patients say about us

At the end of the treatment, our patients rated the physicians and therapists at the SCC and stated what they liked particularly about the SCC.

How do you rate the expertise of the physicians and therapists at the SCC?

How much time did the physicians and therapists at the SCC take for you?

Was the treatment at the SCC individually adapted to your needs?

In response to the question ”What did you particularly like about the SCC? ” our patients replied:

  • Personal & professional support
  • Various specialists for individual complaints
  • Range of tests
  • Very friendly
  • Cooperation with the various services, good coordination with each other
  • The professional competence of the doctors
  • The incredible expertise of the individual areas combined in one place (one point of contact)
  • Very fast & detailed clarification
  • Friendliness of doctors and therapists
  • Professionalism and support
  • Proximity / individuality / empathy
  • The support
  • That the patient is taken seriously and the time the patient gets from the doctor
  • Latest findings incorporated into therapy
  • Professional competence of the doctors; take time
  • Very well coordinated treatment
  • Friendliness of employees, listening/empathy to patients
  • Everyone was very friendly and interested and very open
  • I felt very comfortable and understood
  • Friendliness/cordiality of employees
  • Everything
  • Professional competence
  • The individual treatment
  • The people
  • I felt myself from the beginning well supported and well informed
  • Attended to needs
  • Friendliness, high professional competence and effective methods
  • Friendliness of doctors and therapists
  • Easy communication + well adapted to “head patients” (breaks, laying room)
  • The handling and the adapted therapy
  • Professionalism, expertise, kindness
  • Very professional! Many therapy possibilities
  • The dedication
  • That the doctors take a lot of time
  • Professionalism, medical conversations and explanations to test; that not only professional athletes are accepted